Saturday, 26 November 2011

Yamaha MX Like Fiat Motor

Yamaha MX Like Fiat Motor

This Rossi attending like customization appear from Aries Alvian, Jakarta. He acquaint me that he adulation Rossi actual much, that’s why he dreams to adapt his jupiter MX so that transform into Rossi attending like bike. He alarm this MX-Fiat. Well, I will let you apperceive the capacity of his work, but … let’s analyze amid this pics.
This one is Rossi’s bike which he ride on 2009 MototGP:

Yamaha Fiat
While this one is Alvian’s Jupiter MX which has been absolutely adapted into FIAT antagonism appearance ..
Jupiter MX like Fiat

Modification Datas:
Front shock breaker: Jupiter Z & Custom tube, Rear:YSS, footstep: arachnid, spoiler: yoshimura Carbon, beat arm : pro arm, Advanced tyre: absorb 90/80-17, Rear: 110/80-17, Handle: X1R, Disc (front and rear):PSM/Satria, Body kit Custom: Lent automodified!

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